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Safeguarding – Internet Filtering & Monitoring


1 in 3 Children have been a victim of Online Bullying


1 in 4 young people have come across or are sent Inappropriate Messages


7 out of 10 Young Teenagers have a Social Media Profile


1 in 4 Children have experiences something upsetting on Social Networking Sites

Whilst there are no accurate figures to show how many children and young people are affected by online abuse.

Technology is moving at pace, keeping up with these rapid changes can be a significant challenge for those with Safeguarding responsibilities. Early intervention into any potential safeguarding issue not only protects a young person from further harm but aids their emotional wellbeing.

The department for Education published the revised statutory guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education” in May 2016 (active from the 5th September 2016) for Schools and Colleges in England.

To meet the new DFE guidance on internet filtering and monitoring within Education Netopian Safeguarding System extends its existing internet filtering and monitoring service within schools and offers a “whole of school: solution supporting all devices for both on users and those away from the school.


How can you benefit from the Netopian Safeguarding System?

  • Alerts you to potential risk taking behaviours and unwanted attention such as bullying or trolling
  • Alerts you to unwanted approaches that could lead to child sexual exploitation
  • Alerts you to risk taking that could lead to a young person being groomed online
  • The Netopian Safeguarding system unique in its ability to provide you with a solution that support all devices both on and off the site premises.




Netopian Lite Package
£250 Per Site
    • Black list of sites to block key concerns i.e. adult/violence/self harm/gambling etc.
    • White list to allow speedy access to popular sites whilst minimising resources
    • Unknown sites checked for undesirable content and blocked as appropriate
    • Device agnostic (all site protected including mobiles and gaming consoles)
    • Age appropriate profiles i.e. age 12 and under adult material and social networking blocked
    • Safeguarding Helpdesk support
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Netopian Pro Package *Recommended
£125 Per Site
  • Netopian Pro is our fully featured Internet filtering and safeguarding solution
    • Unique age appropriate profile for all users
    • Specify strictness controls
    • Monitor Social Media activity
    • Receive alerts about young people’s risk-taking activity, disclosure of information.
    • Monitor email activity
    • Limit browsing and categories to specific times
    • Filter Youtube content-new feature
    • Force Search Engine ‘Safe search’-new feature
    • Regular activity and concern reporting
    • Safeguarding Helpdesk support
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Netopian Plus Package
£95 Per Site
  • Netopian Plus. Internet filtering and monitoring for use with desktops, laptops and mobile devices.
    • Unique age appropriate profile for all users
    • Specify strictness controls
    • Limit browsing and categories to specific times
    • Filter Youtube content new feature
    • Force Search Engine ‘Safe search’ new feature
    • Smart phone & Tablet child protection and location for Android and iphone/ipad including use on mobile networks new feature
    • Safeguarding Helpdesk support.
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