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Safeguarding – Internet Filtering & Monitoring


1 in 3 Children have been a victim of Online Bullying


1 in 4 young people have come across or are sent Inappropriate Messages


7 out of 10 Young Teenagers have a Social Media Profile


1 in 4 Children have experiences something upsetting on Social Networking Sites

Whilst there are no accurate figures to show how many children and young people are affected by online abuse.

Technology is moving at pace, keeping up with these rapid changes can be a significant challenge for those with Safeguarding responsibilities. Early intervention into any potential safeguarding issue not only protects a young person from further harm but aids their emotional wellbeing.

The department for Education published the revised statutory guidance “Keeping Children Safe in Education” in May 2016 (active from the 5th September 2016) for Schools and Colleges in England.

To meet the new DFE guidance on internet filtering and monitoring within Education Netopian Safeguarding System extends its existing internet filtering and monitoring service within schools and offers a “whole of school: solution supporting all devices for both on users and those away from the school.


How can you benefit from the Netopian Safeguarding System?

  • Alerts you to potential risk taking behaviours and unwanted attention such as bullying or trolling
  • Alerts you to unwanted approaches that could lead to child sexual exploitation
  • Alerts you to risk taking that could lead to a young person being groomed online
  • The Netopian Safeguarding system unique in its ability to provide you with a solution that support all devices both on and off the site premises.




Netopian Capsule Package
  • £499.00 – 1st Yr.
  • including Unit//Network Hardware (users included)
  • £250.00 per annum thereafter (users included)
    • Works with all WIFI connected devices
    • Internet filtering by category
    • Unique profile for all users Safe-search applied for Google/YouTube etc.
    • Control access to the internet by time, profile and category
    • Blocked page request & response Internet activity & blocked sites for all users
    • Helpdesk and Support Services
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Netopian Pro Package *Recommended
£12.00 pm
  • Netopian Pro is our fully featured Internet filtering and safeguarding solution
    • Monthly Subcription is charged per device
    • Internet Filtering by category
    • Option to automatically block uncategorised sites
    • Unique Profiles
    • Safe-search available for YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo
    • Highly customisable profile time restrictions• Block webpages that exceeds the content threshold
    • Block webpages that exceeds the request threshold
    • Blocked page override for carers, guardians & teachers
    • Blocked page request & response• Instant alerting of Alarm/Safe Care words
    • Access anywhere• Social media restrictions (We can restrict access to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and Twitter)
    • Social media monitoring (We can monitor outgoing messages from Facebook and Instagram)
    • Monitor Instagram picture comments
    • Outgoing Email monitoring and alerting (Gmail)
    • Our solution is compatible across Windows, IOS and AndroidSafeguarding Helpdesk support
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Netopian Mobile Management
£7.50 pm
  • Netopian Pro – Mobile Management Add-on
    • To be bought in conjunction with Netopian Pro and priced per device
    • CompatibilityAll features of Netopian Pro for Windows devices are also available for iOS and Android.
    • App ControlWe are able to control what apps are downloaded on the devices remotely. Our solution restricts unfiltered access to the app store to stop users from downloading apps they shouldn’t have access to such as Snapchat, Instagram, betting apps etc. The escalation point can request access to these apps.
    • Update management – we are able to roll out updates remotely to the devices as long as they have an internet connection.
    • Safeguarding Helpdesk support.
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