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Safeguarding Training Online awareness training for social workers and foster carers.

Netopian are recognised experts in the e-safety arena we provide online safety and technology awareness training for Young People, Social Workers, Residential Care workers and Foster Carers across the UK.

Whilst it is acknowledged that the internet is a hugely positive resource and key in improving young people’s educational attainment, the fast changing nature of technology and the massive growth of the online world continue to pose new and unexpected risks to young people, and on-going challenges to staff in trying to keep abreast of these rapid developments.

In response to this, Netopian have developed an advanced online safety education and awareness training programme to complement our unique web filtering solutions for young people and vulnerable groups. We have an established team of specialists that provide a comprehensive online safety training solution. This helps ensure children are kept safe online, it also assists organisations to meet safeguarding requirements and the most recent demands.

Carers and staff members are equally important to engage with and it is essential that there is a joined-up approach to online safety training and safeguarding best practices.

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