Netopian Internet Filtering

Netopian is a powerful web protection service, specially built to support the needs of looked-after young people and their carers.

Feature Lite Plus Pro
Works with all internet capable devices- Routers, Xbox gaming machines.
Internet filtering by category
Categorises new websites instantly
Unique profile for all users
Safesearch applied for Google/Youtube etc..
Control access to the internet by time, profile and category
Block search terms and posts
Blocked page override for carers, guardians & teachers
Blocked Page request & response
Access anywhere
Internet activity reports for all users*
Social Media monitoring and alerting (facebook)
Instant alerting of Alarm/Safe Care words
Email monitoring and alerting (gmail)

* The reporting feature can be added to the Plus service if required.

The Netopian Social Care Helpdesk

Our unique combination of technical expertise alongside the understanding of our social care communities allows the social care helpdesk to work as the agent between the young people, unit managers and local authority chosen escalation points. Our Helpdesk provides a single point of contact and a seamless support service, all communications are recorded on the Netopian on-line database, this ensures that strict information protocols are adhered to and that the accurate administration, monitoring and reporting of the Netopian service is maintained. Our support staff are focused on and are dedicated to supporting the Netopian system and community of uses.

The helpdesk are able to assist users experiencing problems with the system and rectify any issues quickly and effectively through the use of remote control technologies. The helpdesk also receive ‘safe-care’ notifications from our system that allows them to be proactive in dealing with potential concerns and problems. These include but are not limited to: Social Networking Site Chat safe care words and phrases, risk taking behaviour, extremism (‘Prevent’ agenda) and predatory behaviour by others. We also receive alerts regarding emails that may contain banned words or inappropriate content and system alerts that indicate technical issues with our firewalls and servers. System alerts such as safe care words and other alerts can be sent in ‘real-time’ directly to those staff with safeguarding responsibility for young people if desirable.

If your preference is to speak to someone in sales, or to one of our Netopian Representatives then our contact details can be found here: